Can’t You Just Hear The Music?

The affect music has on us.


Image Courtesy of the Internet.

When you listen to music what do you feel? Do you ever hear a song and stop what you’re doing to admire how good that song is? Many times we come across music we can relate to because it says all the things our hearts are demanding to be let out. It helps us cope with feelings and emotions and helps us escape reality for a while. Music has proven in neurological studies of music that humans are hardwired to interpret and react emotionally to a piece of music. Isn’t this why music is so powerful for us?

I was sitting on my bed with my earbuds in while I procrastinated on doing my homework and it was then when the song came on the song that made me stop everything I was doing because it was just so good. The song goes by the name Apartment by one of my personal favorite bands Young the Giant. It was one of those songs you keep replaying throughout the whole day, maybe even the next day too. The type of song that’s not thrown on the radio playing repeatedly after songs that have been playing all day. The song Apartment sparked the memory of the time I met my best friend Jack. The song played while we were at my sisters fourteenth birthday party, we both had different interests but the one thing we both liked was this song.

The Power of music is beautiful because it not only brings back great times in your life but it makes you feel good. Many people have found that music has helped them in many situations. Let music affect you and take hold of you, let it bring back old times, help you get through hard times and even help you succeed in things you feel the need to succeed in.


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