Stalls, Urinals, Men and Women

The decision to be made for the future of our school's restrooms

Stalls, Urinals, Men and Women

In history, liberties protected under the United States Constitution have been called into question on their relevance and authenticity in varying situations. Of the cases on civil rights, women’s rights, marriage rights, and any various others, all have risen a common debate; are these rights’ discrepancies determined on a state or federal level?

Within the last few days president Obama’s administration’s proposed to their plans for schools to give public school transgender students access to all facilities consistent with their choice in gender identity. This directive caused an upset in several states, with the consistency in the course history, whether this idea would be effectively imposed on a federal or state level.

Currently, California and New Jersey are the only two states in the nation that present students with the ability to choose facilities according to their choice of sex. In LAUSD on April 13, 2016 students not only changed the sign on a door to allow transgender choice, but changed history in a much controversial debate.

Despite these good intentions, other more conservative states expressed concerns with several aspects of this new concept. In one case specifically, Texas displayed their insight. Texas governor Dan Patrick announced the unwillingness of his state to forgo a large sum of government funding at the denial of this directive in order to protect the current status applied to transgender restroom usage, (being that these students must use bathroom compatible with their birth-given gender).

Obama has set a foundation for this extremely necessary topic, but the issue has not reached an effectively touch off on whether it should be handled on a state or federal manner. When voting this November take into consideration topics of the future, surely this debate will magnify itself under the new president’s term and stay relevant in many sure to come court cases.

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