McCandless Was Something Else…

A found poem based off of ‎Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild

photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons License

   When I first read Krakauer’s novel Into the Wild, I was inspired by the story of Chris McCandless. It was raw and pulled on all the heart strings it could. Krakauer’s words inspired me to take into consideration both the beauty in life and nature along with its dangers and mystery. Krakauer took a heart wrenching story of the disappearance of a young man and, rather than turning it into an elegy, he transformed it into a proclamation of life and a way of asking people to experience life for what it is rather than what you have. Through this poem I attempted to display all of these qualities through Christopher McCandless’s experiences and journal entries.


McCandless Was Something Else…


McCandless was something else,

Willful and wildhearted,

Angelic features,

Extraordinary energy.


[He] wish[ed] to live deliberately,

and suck out the marrow of life.

Desire[d] to speak somewhere without bounds,

ranting about truth and beauty.


He had a passion for adventure,

the life and simple beauty.

He was alone,



[He] wish[ed] to practice resignation,

he didn’t like being told what to do.

Nothing but contempt for the bourgeois trappings,

of mainstream America.


He was scared,

black depths of which betrayed his every motion.

Did not wish to live what was not life.

A pilgrim, perhaps.


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