In Appreciation Of You, and All That You Do

Frontline asked students to explain what teachers on campus have made an impact on their lives

In Appreciation Of You, and All That You Do


“Definitely Señora Spanner, she is like my aunt that will always keep me in check! She’s always been the most straightforward teacher I’ve had and she’s very genuine. She also taught me how to speak proper Spanish and not sound ghetto.” -Cynthia Gonzales, 11

“One teacher that has impacted me is Mrs. Connors. She’s always in the brightest mood. It reflects onto the students which makes her class a worry free zone. You can see that Mrs. Connors loves to teach. She is one of the nicest teachers on campus, and makes me actually want to learn by connecting concepts that appeal to us. I look forward to going in her class everyday because I always learn something new.” -Sheila Mendoza, 11

“Mr. Moeller has impacted my life. Before having him as a teacher, English was just another class to me. I didn’t really care about anything other than passing the class. But once being enrolled into his, I was motivated to get everything done.The stories, the essays and even the quotes made me eager to learn more. One thing that’s really changed is my interest in reading. He has this way of pulling you into a story, it’s hard to even think about falling asleep in that class. I’d like to thank him for always believing in his students and pushing them towards the path to success.” -Erandy Serafin, 12

“I would have to say that the teacher that has impacted my life the most is Mrs. Greenlee. She has been the only teacher that I’ve had that cares about her students that much, including  me. Although sometimes she hits me with her tough love, I know it’s only to encourage me to do better in both my personal life and in school. She’s helped me with my job applications and with anything and everything I struggle with, and for that I am so grateful. She has even sacrificed lunches and stayed after school to help me with anything that I need; no matter how big the situation. One thing that I admire most is how she can always tell when I’m having a bad day. When she asks me if I’m okay it makes me feel special although my answer is always that I’m fine. She is a teacher, a mentor, and so much more. I have never taken the time to thank her and tell her how much I absolutely adore her for everything she has done for me. I’m very grateful for coming across such an amazing person.” -Stephanie Segura, 12

“Mr. Moeller. He gives a ton of homework daily but it’s so obvious he cares about his students. The way he teaches is phenomenal. He shows he loves his job and is interested in our future. Yes, he’s quite strict and yells at us a few times but it’s always our fault. He makes sure everyone has a daily life lesson without even trying to do so purposely, that’s just the way he is. He deserves to be not appreciated just today, but everyday.” -Ana Fragoso, 12

We don’t express this everyday but us students on campus are grateful for the dedication, time and effort that is being put into our school everyday. Thank you to every staff member on campus for continuing to push us to grow.

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