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EMTV director Josh Seigel takes on Newport Beach's Annual Film Festival


Erik S. Neldner/NBFF


El Modena’s very own Joshua Seigel, Senior was featured the Newport Beach Film Festival “We’re being watched” April 21st-28th. Seigel’s very own short film was selected out of thousands contestants to be celebrated in 2016’s festival.

  If you don’t already know the Newport Beach Film Festival is a very well achieved accomplishment. The festival itself was founded in 1999, which has evolved into a very prestigious and multicultural event. Over 55,000 people attend every year, each year’s attendance increasing from the last. Screening over 350 short and long films in 8 days, NBFF prides itself in bringing the best new critically acclaimed cinema to New Port Beach.

  With every good film there is a strong source of inspiration that comes along with it. During Seigel’s AP Lit class with Mrs. Mull, the class wrote an essay called “ I am.” Seigel says “When you make films you put yourself into it, it’s like passing yourself on for everyone to see.” Mid to late October Seigel began working on his short film which, is featured under the category Youth Film Showcase as “The Fear of Disappearing.”

  Thousands of people from all over the world send in their films every year in the hopes of being the few chosen to be featured in the festival. Filled with excitement Seigel was grateful that all his hard work finally paid off, yet he felt very unworthy in disbelief because he was selected over  so many other great films and directors who went unrecognized.

  A director can never take all the credit for the success of their films’ without giving those who have supported them through the entire process the validation they deserve. Seigel wanted to thank his parents for all the support in everything he has done and accomplished, he would not be where he is today without their help.

  This is not the end for Seigel and his movie making career, this is just the beginning.

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