She’s Petra-fyingly excellent

Sophomore Petra Azar is the epitome of a true Vanguard: diligent, honorable, and spirited


via Petra Azar

GOALS: Azar's passion for soccer gives her strength to complete her goals.

It is said that humans are irreplaceable, valuable, and unique. They are not only people, but a universe – a galaxy of feelings, thoughts, and ideals. It is our duty, as society, to recognize those who surpass the limits of excellence and prove their worth. One such person, Petra Azar (10), is a student here at El Modena High School.

Azar comes to ElMo each morning to develop into an intellectual understanding of the world. Due to her Lebanese background, she already has some world experience and education. She has traveled during summer to Lebanon in order to connect to her familial roots and culture. In regards to her heritage Azar proudly states, “Being Lebanese not only makes me unique but also gives me a distinct view of the world that others do not possess.” She prides herself on being a Lebanese American because she can range Western world issues from both East and West perspectives. Azar displays her knowledge of the world in each of her classes through her dialogue and opinions. She speaks Lebanese Arabic and enjoys a wide variety of Lebanese cuisine ranging from hummus to taboule.

Currently, she is enrolled in two AP Courses, Spanish III, and in two Honors courses. Being a sophomore and a first time AP tester, Azar is confident in her ability to do well and achieve her goals on her own terms. She involves herself on campus by being a member of the National Honor Society, a member of the Human Culture Club, and Soccer. She volunteers with special needs athletes by being an active member of TopSoccer.

Azar is passionate about literature and loves reading the novels written by the phenomenal Khaled Hosseini. She connects deeply to A Thousand Splendid Suns. The novel, for her, does not only display the cruelty towards women under Sharia Law but also a bond between Mariam and Laila who come from different backgrounds who project a message of empowerment and exhibit norms of feminism. She states, “My background and my roots from the Middle East help me understand the beautiful words of Hosseini on a more personal level than other readers might. He illuminates characteristics of the land prior to its destruction and division and shows how simple people, those who are scarred similar to the land, can use their power to fix it.”

   Petra Azar believes in a society built on the strengths of all human beings. She urges her peers to live their life freely and never forget to be awesome in their unique ways.

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