Earth Day Everyday

TLC doesn't have to come once a year


Everyday I drive by Peter’s canyon and the hills of Santiago Canyon. One day mint green powder unnaturally covered the foliage of the fields. Chemicals covered the land– instead of natural bushes and tumbleweed, dead grass lay solemn on the empty fields. Animal’s homes were torn down for new homes to go up within the next few years. These homes are completely unnecessary other than to make more money in the housing circuit, yet we knowingly take away vital homes of the species of these lands.

Our parents tell the stories of the Orange grooves that use to occupy the lands, the butterflies and bees that filled the air… But generations from now, kids will question where Orange County inherits its name from, because they’re gone.

Earth has 365 days in its revolution, so why is it that we only chose to maintenance the planet once every year? Why on one day do we chose to be conscious of our carbon footprint, our pollutants, our affects on the environment? Most of us live on this earth 365 days of the year– not one.

All of our actions have a direct chain of events that follow. The person who smokes cigarettes behind the gas station, the factory that spews soot, the aerosol can sprayed, all tarnish the air and victimize our bodies, along with the environment and all its creatures. The plastic bag you didn’t feel like picking up from the beach traps an aquatic animal, the industrial boat leaks oil and taints the ocean, the coal used in your bonfire spoils the air with carbon dioxide. Everywhere you go you have the choice to leave a trail behind, or help the environment take its steps towards recovery.

Don’t underestimate the effects of a singular person no matter how insignificant or tedious actions may appear. Do what’s right and support what’s right. The rate at which our environment is dwindling due to the expense of human “needs” will diminish any chance generations after us have to love the world. Kids will never experience nature without having to drive miles away to a national park where it’s legally preserved instead of kept by choice. Pick up the beach, plant new plants, rejuvenate the planet. But don’t do it because it’s earth day. Do it in your every day life to better the world, put in what is good and good will come back. Devote yourself to bettering yourself, others, and the environment to live a more fulfilling, happier life.

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